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Boat & RV Detailing

Licensed and Insured detailing services available for all types of boats, personal watercraft, RVs, travel trailers, toy boxes and even semi-trucks.
Maintenance Wash - Starts at $3.00 per ft
Soft brush and lambs wool hand wash to ensure no damage is caused to the gelcoat. Spot free wash to leave a spotless finish. 
Wash and Wax - Starts at $7 per ft
After the wash we apply by machine a high quality Meguiar's carnauba wax which provides months of protection.  
Interior Detailing - Starts at $10 per ft
Thorough interior steam cleaning, all cabinets and compartments are cleaned including the bathroom, kitchen, fridge etc.  Perfect for those who just came back from a long trip and do not have the time or want to clean up. Let us handle the
Complete Detailing - Starts at $20 per ft
We go over every inch of your boat, RV, trailer etc whether it is for show or just an annual cleaning.  Exterior is waxed, wheels cleaned, tires dressed and interior cabin is thoroughly cleaned including carpeting and upholstery steam cleaned. VIP Mobile Detailing spends hours to ensure your vehicle will look as new as possible.

            **Oxidation removal is additional**

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