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VIP Mobile Detailing, Inc is a full-service auto detailing company. VIP Mobile Detailing provides complete auto cleaning, detailing, and polishing along with restoration services for vehicles of all kinds. Prices vary depending on the size and condition of your vehicle. With VIP Mobile Detailing service your auto, classic car, motorhome, truck, boat and motorcycle will get the personal attention it deserves. Here is just some of our specialty and custom services:





Exterior Services Available

  • Hand Wash and Dry, (wash using deionized spot free water. Complete air purging to blow out any residual water from all cracks and crevices)

  • Wax or Teflon Paint Sealant, (Teflon Paint Sealant is a fine quality protective product used to protect your paint. Complete air purging to blow out any residual wax from all cracks and crevices)

  • Windows

  • Chrome Polishing

  • Aluminum Wheel Polishing

  • Wheels and Tire Dressing

  • Rubber Dressing/Trim

  • Clean and Condition Convertible Tops

  • Engine Compartment Degrease and Dress

  • Bug, Decal, Fall Out, Oxidation, Paint Overspray, Railroad Dust, Swirl, Tar, Tree Sap and Water Spot Removal




Interior Services Available

  • Vacuum, (complete air purging to loosen and remove debris and dust from all cracks and crevices)

  • Shampoo/Steam Cleaning, (carpet, door panels, headliner, mats, seats, trunk)

  • Clean and Condition, (air vents, console, dashboard, doorjambs, door panels, pockets, leather, vinyl)

  • Scotch Guard Fabric Treatment, (seals and protects your cloth interior; helps prevent future staining from spilled food, beverages, etc.)

  • Air Purifier/Ozone Treatment, (permanently removes odors such as cigarette smoke, decaying matter, urine, vomit, etc.)




Sapphire V1 Ceramic Coating ~ 5 Year Warranty

Flight Shield Reactive Polymer ~ 3 Year Warranty

Overspray Removal

Oxidation Removal
Water Spot Removal
Wet Sanding/Color Sanding
Tar Removal
Swirl Removal/High Speed Buffing

Ozone Treatment

Paint Protection Treatments
Wheel – Chrome/Aluminum Polishing
Engine Degrease and Cleaning
Headlight Restoration
Scratch Removal
Polymer Protectant

Paint Correction

Steam Cleaning

Paintless Dent Repair

Interior Repair

Window Tinting

Paint Protection Film

Interested in hiring us for your car care needs? Lets Talk.​


"My car was really dirty inside from years of my dog riding in the backseat, groceries, hauling plants, etc. The detailer worked for four hours, and when he was through the car was spotless. He arrived on time, was pleasant and courteous. This was a very good experience." - Danielle F., Encino, CA
"They did a very thorough job...the outside of my car looked awesome and the paint was very smooth...the inside was spotless and had a great clean smell. I live out of my car and drive about 40k miles a year...but they were able to make it look new." - Mark R., Valencia, CA
"My experience was outstanding. A very nice and polite young man arrived and immediately went to work on my car non-stop for a full 4 hours, even in 90+ degree heat. The car was detailed meticulously inside and out. I am very pleased with the service, and will definitely use them again." - Iris U., Pasdena, CA
"Their waxing gave my 2008 car look like when I drove it home for the first time. We've had a lot of rain since then and the water just bubbles up and runs off. Great job." - Edward G., Malibu, CA
"I'm always pleased with the work VIP Mobile Detailing  does. Every time I call they're able to set me up with an appointment that fits my busy schedule. Their detailers are very thorough and I've never had a problem. Prices are very competitive especially for everything they do." - Peter W., Beverly Hills, CA
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